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Aluminum Arrows – Test and Buying Guide

Aluminum was discovered as a material in 1939 – in the same year, American James Easton developed the first arrow shafts made of it. Since then, the popularity of aluminum arrows has exploded across the globe, and with good reason. But what exactly are the positive properties of aluminum as a material and how do they affect the flight characteristics of arrows? Which arrows are better – aluminum arrows or carbon arrows?




Archery with Aluminum Arrows

Archery is a precision sport and a challenge not only physically but also mentally. Many different factors have to be considered to achieve the most perfect shooting result. Among these factors are the flight characteristics of the arrows, on which the shaft material has a significant influence.

Aluminum arrows are considered the most professional arrows in the archery world. They are very light and smooth and can therefore be shot over long distances. At the same time, they still offer an optimal hit pattern. The correct feathering of the aluminum arrows does the rest; you have a choice between natural and plastic feathering.

aluminum arrows with feather fletching



Pros and Cons of Aluminum Arrows

Archery with Aluminum Arrows offers the Shooter various pros, but also cons:



  • Aluminum does not warp in damp weather like wooden arrows
  • The material is particularly light and is therefore often used by professionals and experienced shooters; it proves itself especially over long distances
  • Aluminum arrows are suitable for any kind of archery, whether 3D archery, bowhunting or distance shooting
  • They are affordable



  • Aluminum bends easily, which could be a problem especially for beginners; for this reason this material is not recommended for beginners
  • Aluminum arrows have a flatter flight curve than other types of arrows
  • Although their prices tend to be in the lower range, if the demands on the material increase, so does the price

Bending does not only happen upon impact, but also when you remove the arrow from the target. If you bend the arrow back and forth too much, it can be damaged relatively easily. Therefore, if you are still a beginner in archery, you should rather use carbon arrows.



What to Consider when Buying Aluminum Arrows

When Buying Aluminum Arrows you should pay attention to the following things:

  • The low weight of the aluminum arrow with feather fletching is of great importance, as it naturally contributes to a higher flight distance. It is precise because of the lightness of the material that the aluminum arrow flies particularly far. If you would like to let off steam more in the area of bow hunting, you should however fall back on somewhat heavier aluminum arrows, because with this kind of archery one shoots rather over short distances.
  • The spine value is of course of crucial importance. We will deal with it briefly in the following chapter.
  • The arrow must match the draw weight of your bow. If your bow has a high draw weight, you should rather choose a thick-walled and therefore more stable arrow, otherwise there is a risk of shaft breakage during firing and thus a high risk of injury.
  • The length of the arrow is also important; the arrow should be longer than your extension.


Our Recommendation – MANDARIN DUCK Aluminum Recurve and Longbow Arrows

These 500 spine aluminum arrows from Mandarin Duck are recommended for hunting with a longbow or recurve, but they should provide a great shooting experience wherever you use them. The aluminum spine makes for excellent weight cohesion across the set, and combined with the parabolic vane fletching, the result is enhanced shooting accuracy. The nocks are standard and the tips are 100 grains. As an added extra, the points are easy to remove if you want to switch between target shooting and hunting. So, if these work for you, then you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you found yourself an ideal go-to arrow.

  • Quality aluminum shafts
  • Light, perfectly straight, and accurate
  • Durable
  • Removable tips and nocks
  • Parabolic vane fletching
  • Expensive



Aluminum Arrow Sizes

When buying aluminum hunting arrows you should pay attention to two sizes, the wall thickness and the outer diameter. Both are marked on the arrow shaft in the form of a four-digit number. The first two numbers indicate the outer diameter, in 64ths of an inch. The last two numbers indicate the wall thickness in 1000ths of an inch.

If you are unsure about buying aluminum arrows, refer to the tables provided by the arrow manufacturers. These are based on various applications, such as recreational archery or 3D archery. This will give you a fairly accurate orientation as to which arrows are suitable for you. Remember that these tables are not based on the aluminum arrow spine value. It is more about characteristics such as draw weight, type of use and bow type.

The Aluminum arrow spine value, on the other hand, is the stiffness or the degree of deflection. This indicates how much an arrow bends at the moment of firing. You must pay attention to the spine value when buying arrows, because with the wrong spine you will not achieve optimal results in archery.

carbon vs aluminum arrows


Aluminum Arrow with Carbon Content

Aluminum arrows with carbon content offer the archer all advantages of both materials. This improves not only the durability but also the flight characteristics of the arrows. However, aluminum-carbon arrows are of course more expensive to manufacture and therefore also to purchase. Whether such acquisition is worthwhile for you, you must judge by your ambitions in archery.


Is it Better to Use Carbon or Aluminum Arrows?

The answer to the question of whether you should use aluminum or carbon arrows depends on your archery experience. If you are already advanced, you can use aluminum arrows with feather fletching. Note, however, that they bend slightly, both when hitting the target and when pulling it out of the target. On the other hand, they are less expensive than carbon arrows.

Carbon arrows are more beginner-friendly than aluminum hunting arrows, as they do not bend as easily and still have the best flight characteristics.


Aluminum arrows are the first choice for professionals for a good reason. If you have already gained experience in archery, you too should try your hand at aluminum arrows. Have fun with archery!

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