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The spine value is integral to using the right arrows for your bow, maintaining your safety and hitting your target frequently. Before you search ‘arrow spine calculator compound’ on a search engine, let our arrow spine calculator guide we tell you why this is so, what the spine value actually says – and of course how you calculate it.




Spine Value Calculator (static)



What is the Spine Value?

The spine value is an often underestimated factor in archery. In simple terms, the spine value indicates how much the arrow shaft is bent during firing. The thickness of an arrow affects how much it bends. One could also say that this value indicates the elasticity of the arrow.

This value is so important because the bow and arrow should be matched to each other, so that on the one hand adequate accuracy is achieved, but also so that the arrow withstands the force during the shot. If the bending strength is not correct, the arrow will fly unsteadily.


Operating the Spine Value Calculator

For the calculation the pull weight is given in pounds and the arrow length in inches. You usually find these details when buying a bow and arrow, so you don’t have to convert them. You can also use an arrow spine chart when calculating your spine value. This can vary from carbon arrow spine charts to arrow spine calculator for compound bows.


Important to note:

The values calculated here should serve as a reference point for you. Included in the arrow calculator, there are also other factors that can change the spine value a little:

  • Silencer (Spine Value may increase slightly)
  • Processing Tolerances
  • Other Material Composition

It is therefore important that when using the arrows you test it out yourself and find out which combination works well for you.



Background information about the Spine Calculator

As you already know, the spine value indicates the flexibility of the arrow shaft. There are two standards that are used:


AMO Standard:

26″ Span with 2 Pound Load.


Easton Standard:

28″ Span with 1.94 Pound Load.


Then the deflection of the Shaft is measured to 1/1’000″.


Finally the spine value comes out, which you find on the shaft of carbon arrows. These are often given as thousandths, e.g. .600 or even 0.600 for a spine value of 600. The higher this value is, the more flexible and softer the arrow shaft.


What is the Dynamic Spine Value?

Unlike the static spine value, the dynamic spine value cannot be measured. This value depends on the type of bow, the shaft of the arrow, the chord, the extension length, etc.

With the static spine value you are usually already relatively close to the dynamic value, with increasing experience you will also notice if your spine value fits.

It is also very exciting to determine the influence of the spine value calculator of arrowhead, accessories on the bow etc. This will give you a feeling of how these factors can affect your shooting.


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