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Best Bow Case – Guide to the Best Compound Bow Case

best bow case


If you have your own bow, you may wonder how best to transport and store it. For the bow to maintain its quality in the long term, it is important that it is handled correctly and cared for properly. The correct handling is not that difficult. In this guide, we will show you the best bow case or bow backpacks and what you should look out for when buying one. We also give you some tips on how to take proper care and maintenance of your bow hard case so that it can be used permanently. This is one of the best bow case reviews! 




Bow Case

The best compound bow hard cases are made of resistant plastic are well suited for all tours where the bow is subject to high pressure, such as in an airplane. Often such hard-shell bow cases are used for compound and recurve archers.

For tournament shooters who regularly travel with their bow and do not want their valuable sports equipment to be damaged, a compound bow hard case is the right choice. In some cases, there is even enough space for two bows.

These cases are quite heavy, so as a hobby shooter you should consider buying a backpack if your bow fits into it.



Bow Backpack

Arched backpacks enable the most mobile form of transport. They are probably the best choice for transporting all takedown bows, because the disassembled bow and its accessories fit well into the backpack and hardly restrict your freedom of movement. You can also go on longer tours with a bow backpack if you set up the bow only at the destination.

Arched backpacks are generally not so well suited for transportation by plane, as they are made of nylon and polyester and do not have sufficient stability under pressure.

Most bow backpacks, however, contain a separate tube in which the arrows can be stored safely and are thus well protected, especially during car and train rides and long walks. For us, bow backpacks are therefore usually the most versatile choice.


Our Recommendation: Avalon Bow Backpack

The Avalon backpack offers the right form of storage and transport, especially for takedown recurve bows. It offers protection for the warframe, the middle part, and small parts like a checker, string, or a finger guard.

The included arrow tube is adjustable in length, so you can adjust it to the length of your arrows. The Avalon bow backpack is available in different colors, so there should be something for everyone.


Product recommendation follows



Arched Bags

Arched bags, similar to arched backpacks, are equipped with light padding and outer nylon or polyester fabric. Most of them can be hung over the shoulder or carried in the hand.

As far as handling is concerned, they are generally inferior to a rucksack, and as far as protection is concerned they are inferior to a suitcase. So they are only the best choice if you don’t have a takedown bow that fits into the handy dimensions of a backpack.

To protect a full-grown recurve or longbow from external influences during transport, an especially long bag is required.


Our Recommendation: Bearpaw Bow Bags

The Bearpaw bow bags are especially suitable for one-piece recurve bows and longbows. The pockets for recurve bows are about 150 cm long and are made of water-repellent nylon. They also have an inner lining to pad the bow. The version for longbows has similar characteristics and is 188 cm long.

If you do not need so much padding for your bow, fleece covers in different lengths might be a good alternative.


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Maintenance and Care of the Bow Backpack / Bow Case

With the right storage and care, a big step has already been taken to ensure that the quality of your bow is maintained for as long as possible. If you want to store your bow for a longer period of time, you should remove the bowstring and grow it. If it is under permanent tension, it could become brittle or even porous.

You should also make sure that the entire sheet is dry and free of dirt. If you store your bow for a long time, moisture, mud or other dirt can attack the surface. To avoid unattractive visual defects, clean and dry the sheet thoroughly before storing it for a long period of time.


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