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Bow Stand – Buy the right Archery Bow Stand

bow stand


In this guide to bow stands, we show you what types of bow stands are available and what you should look out for when buying one. We also give you tips on how to build a permanent stand for yourself.




Why buy a Bow Stand?

If you have spent a lot of money on your bow or if it has simply become dear to your heart, you probably don’t want to just leave it on the ground. Many archers who use the bow frequently do the same, because they do not want to damage it.

When doing 3D archery outdoors, the bow should not simply be placed on the forest floor or meadow. But it is also not an option to always carry the bow with you when searching for arrows.

There is a solution for this problem: the bow stand. It is easy to set up and transport, so that your bow has a safe place to stay.



Bow Stand for Recurve Bow

For recurve shooters, a simple bow stand is suitable, which resembles a camera tripod with its three legs.

In the middle of the support legs, there is upright support with a u-shaped plastic or rubber part at the top. The recurve bow with its middle part finds its place in this U. Thus it floats together with the tendon a few centimeters above the ground.

Since such bow stands have almost no specific features, the following characteristics are important:

  • Secure stand
  • Height adjustability
  • Low Weight
  • Low price


Our recommendation: Avalon Bow Stand Eola Easy Fold

The Recurve archery bow stand from Avalon convinces with a good price-performance ratio. The bow holder’s archery stand has a magnetic mechanism so that the legs do not have to be screwed to the stand. Therefore it is especially light and easy to handle.

Product recommendation follows


Bow Stand for Compound Bows

With compound bows, a compound bow holder is even more necessary, because ground contact can be harmful not only to the limbs and tendon but also to the cams.

Therefore a stand is used, which is attached to the throwing arms of the bow and balances the compound bow. The compound stand is comparable to a clamp with two legs, which fixes the lower throwing arm.

Since the two legs of the stand do not yet provide the necessary stability, the bow is leaned on the stabilizer attached to its front. You should make sure that the stabilizer is long enough to reach the ground. Short hunting stabilizers with a length under 12 inches are not suitable for this.


Our recommendation: ZSHJG Compound Bow Stand

Like the stand for recurve bows and co., our recommended stand for compound bows is from the brand ZSHJG. Also, this model is persuasive due to its good price-performance ratio.


Product recommendation follows



Build your own Bow Stand

Alternatively, you can easily build an archery bow holder yourself. The best and simplest way to do this is to use PVC pipes and connecting elements. In addition, you can even integrate two arrow holders into the bow stand.

Of course, this self-built version is not a mobile specimen, because the stand is much too big for it. It is more suitable for private shooting ranges with real DIY flair. With this stand, you can collect the arrows without having to put your bow on the ground.


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