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Carbon Arrows – Guide to Carbon hunting arrows

Archers have the choice between different types of arrows. Each type of arrow has its pros and cons. One very popular arrow material is carbon fiber. Find out more about which carbon arrows to buy and what properties they have in our Carbon Arrows Guide.




Archery with Carbon Arrows

At the beginning of the 1990s, arrow- making was revolutionized in the USA when carbon, i.e. carbon fiber, was discovered as a suitable material for arrow shafts. Since then, carbon arrows have reigned supreme around the world. Not without reason, because they have many pros and few cons. See why you should buy carbon fiber arrows here.

carbon fiber arrows



Pros and Cons of Carbon arrows

In our carbon arrow test, we present the various pros and cons of carbon arrows.

If you want to buy cheap carbon arrows, you are generally on the safe side, because they are considered to be optimal not only for beginners but also for advanced shooters. Carbon arrows have the following pros and cons:



  • They are very light
  • They achieve high speeds
  • They are very stable
  • Their trajectory is flat, which often compensates a little for beginner mistakes
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • They are available in wood designs, which is especially desirable for longbow shooters
  • Can be used for every sheet and for every purpose



  • Although the carbon arrow is very robust, it succumbs to splinter damage
  • There is a high risk of injury from such damage, especially since carbon fiber is extremely difficult to remove from wounds

As far as the danger of splintering is concerned, you should be safe if you take precaution. You should not only check the arrow for damage before each use, but really before every single shot with a small carbon pipe test. If the carbon arrow crunches when you bend it very slightly, do not use it any more.


Our Recommendation – REEGOX Carbon Arrows

If you want to hit the perfect balance of carbon arrows that are both affordable and reliable, you cannot go far wrong with this set by Reegox for compound and recurve bows. Described as “beginner” arrows, these perform far beyond that description. They are unexpectedly durable, accurate, and the tips are remarkably strong. The nocks are adjustable and the tips are screw-in, should you wish to replace them. As a final extra, Reegox is renowned for their customer service, so if anything does go wrong, you’re in good hands.

REEGOX Carbon Arrows
  • High strength carbon fiber construction with .244 nock and 3 inch vanes
  • Excellent durability, straightness, and target penetration
  • Ready to use with pre-installed inserts and screw-in 100 grain field points
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  • Strong, durable, straight, and accurate
  • Compatible with recurve and composite bows up to  50 lbs.
  • Adjustable nocks and screw-in tips
  • Very strong tips
  • Very well priced for the quality
  • Narrow nock openings
  • Some ink transfer onto leather-wrapped bows



What to Consider When Buying Carbon Arrows

Buying carbon arrows is relatively simple, as they fit any type of bow. You should only pay attention to the correct spine value as well as the correct arrow length although this applies to every type of arrow.

The fletching of carbon fiber arrows is very often only glued, so that it tends to come loose when hitting the target. However, it is quite easy to repair the arrow’s fletching. Make sure not to use tape, since this changes the flight characteristics too much, but a 2-component adhesive that won’t let the fletching come loose again.

By the way, there are special archery sets where the matching carbon arrows are included.

carbon hunting arrows


When to Choose Natural vs. Artificial Fletching

In addition to various parameters such as material, spine value and arrow length, fletching also plays a role and has a significant influence on the flight characteristics of an arrow. If you want to buy carbon hunting arrows, you have the choice between two different possibilities concerning the feathering of the arrow:

  • Natural fletching: This fletching is suitable for archery in the open air as well as for indoor archery. However, you should make sure that the natural feathers do not get wet under any circumstances, otherwise they will stick to the arrow and the arrow will no longer have prime flight characteristics. Otherwise, natural feathers are very well suited, especially for beginners, because an arrow whose natural feathering is not as easily deflected as one with plastic feathering.
  • Plastic fletching: A plastic fletching is very light and thus gives the arrow the best flight characteristics without weighing it down unnecessarily. Also wetness or humidity are no problem for the plastic fletching.

Which fletching you use is partly a matter of taste, but it also depends on the intended use. However, one thing always applies: No matter what kind of fletching you choose, choose its color wisely. It remains to be seen whether you will easily find green feathers in the tall grass or brown feathers in the sand.


Arrow Weight

Carbon hunting arrows are very light, giving them incredibly good flying characteristics and not only a high penetrating power, but also a long range. Straight arrows made of carbon with plastic fletching weigh almost nothing in principle.


So carbon arrows are basically the arrows of choice if you are not a traditional longbow archer. And there are traditional carbon arrows in wood-look for those too – just don’t get caught with them on the medieval market. Have fun buying carbon arrows!


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