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Fiberglass Arrows – Carbon vs Fiberglass Arrows

fiberglass arrows


The choice of the right arrows has already led to endless debates between many archers. Often, it ends up being fiberglass vs carbon arrows. When you should use fiberglass arrows instead of carbon or aluminum arrows, you can find out in our fiberglass arrows guide.




Archery with Fiberglass Arrows

After the Second World War fiberglass was discovered as a material for archery. The word fiberglass comes from English and actually means glass fiber reinforced plastic. Fiberglass has several advantages over traditional materials. It is durable, relatively inexpensive to manufacture, and, as an arrow material, offers solid flight characteristics with a high load resistance. Many archers who have gained experience with fiberglass arrows, however, tend to report mixed feelings about this material – and there are reasons for this.

Fiberglass arrows for compound bows are relatively similar to carbon arrows in their basic properties. Both types of arrows prove themselves in archery due to their high stability and durability. They do not bend even when they hit hard targets. However, fiberglass arrows have some disadvantages compared to carbon arrows, which could lead to difficulties, especially over long distances. Furthermore, the risk of injury from fiberglass arrows should not be underestimated. Therefore these arrows are more suitable for the hobby sector and not for ambitious archers.


carbon vs fiberglass arrows



Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Arrows

Fiberglass Arrows, like all Types of Arrows, offer the Shooter various pros, but also cons:




  • Fiberglass arrows are in principle the arrows for beginners par excellence
  • They are cheaper to purchase than carbon or aluminum arrows
  • Due to their high weight, they offer very high precision over short distances
  • There is no danger of bending
  • Tip and fletching can be easily replaced when worn



  • The fiberglass arrow is not suitable for long distances due to its high weight
  • Although fiberglass arrows do not bend, they can break. There is therefore a certain risk of injury if not every arrow is checked before firing
  • An injury with a fiberglass dart can have serious consequences, as the tiny fragments cannot be broken down by the human body and are difficult to remove
  • The flight characteristics are good, but not as good as those of carbon or aluminum arrows

Our disadvantages listed here sound as if fiberglass arrows are relatively dangerous. However, fiberglass arrow experience clearly shows that this is not the case, especially if the arrows are slightly bent before each shot and thus checked for damage. In general, fiberglass arrows are a very good choice especially for beginners and children. However, they are not suitable for professionals.



Buy Fiberglass Arrows – The Comparison Test


Product recommendation follows



This is what you should look for when buying a Fiberglass Arrow

  • As with all types of arrows, you should also pay attention to the spine value, i.e. the degree of deflection of the arrow. This must match your bow, just like the length of the arrows. The latter should be adapted to your personal statement.
  • Fiberglass arrows should not be shot with bows whose tensile weight exceeds 30 to 40 lbs, otherwise, there is a risk of injury. The arrows could splinter or break when fired.
  • In general, fiberglass arrows are not suitable for long distances. For bow fishing, however, they are made of the perfect material.


fiberglass vs carbon arrows



Use Fiberglass or Carbon Arrows?

We have already mentioned that choosing the right arrow depends on several factors. This includes the archer’s experience, but also his future ambitions, his type of bow, and the kind of archery he wants to practice.

Fiberglass arrows are more suitable for beginners and for short distances. So if you want to take part in sporting competitions or if you want to become a professional archery player, you should rather use another type of arrow, such as carbon arrows. Fiberglass arrows are also absolutely unsuitable for bows with a high tensile weight.


Fiberglass arrows are for beginners as well as children and young people a great alternative to expensive and more elaborately produced arrows. They are the first choice when shooting at short range; however, each arrow should be checked before each shot. Have fun with archery!

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